Council consultation portal
Council consultation portal

Many residents have written to us regarding the Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood pilot scheme.

The consultation on this scheme is open until 11 September 2022, so please visit the Council’s consultation portal to have your say:

Labour’s position:

Low traffic neighbourhoods are being introduced both across the UK and abroad as a means of tackling traffic issues in communities.

The introduction of liveable neighbourhoods has the potential to make huge improvements to people’s lives, enabling our communities to improve their health, wellbeing, and equality of opportunity. We know that low-traffic neighbourhoods can deliver genuine benefits to all residents. Children play out more, neighbours catch up, air pollution is lower, road safety improves and walking and cycling increases for everyday journeys.

More physical activity and less pollution will help prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and lung conditions, improving all residents’ quality of life.

Labour welcome traffic calming measures and low traffic neighbourhoods, even if they are less ambitious than the 20-minute neighbourhoods we have been calling for.

Our plans for 20-minute neighbourhoods, based on the Melbourne model, are more ambitious than just calming measures. They are about ensuring people can access all the key shops, services, amenities and even potentially places of work (or at least sustainable travel hubs to get there) within a 10-minute walk, there and back, hence 20 minutes. This would inevitably and organically lead to traffic calming, as rather than forcing people out of their cars we could remove the need for their use, fostering inclusive local communities with pocket parks, green spaces and a mix of services and shops. Through zoning and planning regulations, we want to explore making this a reality, and are asking the Greens to work with us on this.

In the meantime, we have lent our support to the pilot Liveable Neighbourhood Pilot Project or LTN in Hanover and Tarner.

As the first pilot scheme in the city, we appreciate that the Hanover & Tarner LTN will help test the local Brighton & Hove context and the local public highway network, as well as informing and influencing the development, and delivery of any future liveable neighbourhood measures across the city. We also appreciate that as a pilot scheme, this is experimental by nature, and the Council may get aspects of this scheme wrong. That’s why constructive feedback from residents is crucial, and why consulting and genuinely listening to our residents and communities is at the heart of everything we do as a Labour Group.

However, what is disappointing, is that the council’s Green administration is yet to have fully developed a citywide strategic framework for low traffic neighbourhood schemes that Labour asked for in 2021.

Progress needs to be made in developing the wider LTN Strategy for the city in order to have clear guidance on the approach Brighton and Hove City Council takes in considering low traffic neighbourhood projects.

A strategy should ideally have come before the implementation of the pilot scheme. What the administration has done is put the cart before the horse.

LTNs also need to be done with thorough consultation with local residents before measures are introduced. If such consultation is inadequate, it is likely that such changes will simply generate opposition to measures which, if well designed with residents to take account of their local knowledge and needs, could make everyone’s lives better.

We hope that further engagement with groups within the community who are historically deemed “harder to reach” and those who are understood to be the end users of community space will occur.

Perhaps the lack of strategic overview is responsible for some of the negative feedback from residents to this limited scheme.

Labour are also relieved that the proposed final scheme will be reported back to a future meeting of the council and the LTN will be monitored by repeating traffic counts and speed surveys, comparison of collision and casualty data, plus the analysis from 12 new air quality monitoring sites to be installed at the across the project area mainly on the boundary roads around the proposed site.

Finally, the lack of progress the current Green administration has made on 20-minute neighbourhoods, road danger reduction and park & ride schemes is disappointing, and we hope they will work with us in the Labour Party on a concerted effort to achieve as much as possible for the city because we will always aim to put the needs of our residents first.

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